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Titanium one Piece
Titanium Two Piece $13.90
Titanium Insert Post $4.90
Aluminum Body  
Stainless Steel Body $3.90

US Patent: 8,475,303

US Patent: 8,784,243

    US Patent: 9,341,447
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     New For 2015 Titus Two Piece Titanium Insert          

     New For 2016 Titus TSS Carbon Fiber Arrow

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Introducing The New 100% Carbon Fiber Arrow, the Titus TSS (Titus Seamless Shaft) straightness +/- .001

Titus One  Piece 50 Gr.
Titus Two Piece 63 Gr.


                                     Two Piece Insert

   You are looking at what will become as the “Go Too Insert” for all micro diameter carbon fiber arrows. The “Insert Post” is made out of titanium (light as aluminum and strong as steel). This Titanium Post comes with an Unlimited Lifetime Replacement Warrantee.  The mount is available in titanium, stainless steel or aircraft quality 7075 aluminum. Except for the archer who is looking for additional upfront weight which is provided by a stainless steel insert, the far majority of inserts/outserts are made out of aluminum. We all know that it is only a manner of time; the aluminum insert will mash, bend and/or get out of balance requiring it to be replaced in order to continue shooting the arrow.  We know how much time it takes and what a pain it can be trying to remove that flawed insert from the arrow shaft without damaging it. Then the process of cleaning the residue and prepping the arrow shaft just so you can attach another aluminum insert that will need to be replaced again down the road.

What would you rather do when your insert has to be replaced?

   Just unscrew the damaged mount and replace it with a new one.

Unlimited Lifetime Replacement Warrantee

   Of course our titanium mount will come with our Unlimited Lifetime Replacement Warrantee just as our one piece titanium insert.

Yes there is even more to come!

   Not only is it on the drawing table, we have extensively field tested it.  It is ready to market.  However, the US Patent process is holding us up.  We have to wait our turn in order to submit our next CIP.